EV Charging Stations Manufacture

Ev charging stations are usually made by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and are often installed as part of a vehicle package, meaning that they are designed to connect to the vehicle’s existing charging system.

They usually come equipped with a battery management system that allows the EV owner to charge faster and prevent overcharging.

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Ev charging stations can be mounted in any location with a power outlet, inside the vehicle, on the side of the car, or on a wall.

Some charging stations can also provide information regarding the battery’s remaining charge. Some EV charging stations are wired, and some are wireless.

A wireless charging station requires that the electric vehicle be placed close to the charging station for maximum efficiency.

Electric vehicles don’t require a large amount of charging time.

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Top 7 E.V Charging Station Manufacturers in the USA

If you’re planning to purchase an electric vehicle and want a charging station to make it convenient, there are several things you should know.

Here’s an overview of the top 10 E.V. charging station manufacturers in the United States.

Bosch is the largest automotive supplier in the world and is an E.V charging station manufacturer and develops fuel cell technologies. EVgo is another famous brand.

In addition to Verdek and Tritium, there are other top brands you should not overlook.

EVgo Fast Charging


If you’re interested in a fast, convenient, and affordable E.V charging solution, look no further than EVgo.

The company has built a nationwide network of over 850 dependable fast chargers charging your vehicle in 15 to 45 minutes. EVgo also offers a mobile app to track all your charging sessions.

They serve more than 150,000 customers and are among the USA’s top E.V. charging station manufacturers.

While the stock hasn’t seen a dramatic rise in value over the past year, EVgo looks poised for a rebound shortly.

While total revenue and customer accounts increased by 24% and 29%, EVgo ended the third quarter of 2019 with nearly $500 million in cash. The company can use that cash to grow its footprint and make acquisitions.

Analysts have a bullish view of EVgo and its future growth prospects, which could boost its stock price.

EVgo has made headlines recently with plans to build up to 800 charging stalls and a partnership with Uber.

The company also plans to partner with G.M. to install 500 charging kiosks.

In addition to EVgo, Blink Charging has had an impressive year, with over 15,000 EV charging stations installed throughout the USA. In addition to its rapid growth, EVgo has been a top 10 E.V. charging station manufacturer in the USA.

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While the automotive industry is experiencing a slowdown after the shambolic October 2016 election, EVBox is gaining momentum.

EVBox sells residential and business fast-charging units and software to monitor and manage those stations.

As a company, EVBox has carved a niche for itself in the market by building strategic partnerships with electrical equipment vendors and network suppliers.

EVBox has expanded to the U.S. market after being a top player in Europe.

EVBox not only sells E.V. charging stations but also sells software to manage, optimize and track the charging equipment.

It also works closely with Blink Charging, an electric vehicle charging network in the United States.

The company has more than 2,000 stations across the U.S. EVBox is the number one E.V. charging station manufacturer in the USA.

However, it is still early days for the company.

EVBox has headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Its products include charging stations for all types of electric vehicles, and it has built a massive installed base of charging stations.

EVBox also provides support and advice to the charging network.

It has partnered with several utility companies, including Engie and Eon, to provide charging infrastructure.

This company also sells business solutions and community network advice.

Tritium Charging


Australia-based EV charging company Tritium has recently announced plans to build a manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

The company will establish a plant in Lebanon, Tennessee, about 30 miles east of Nashville, creating 500 new jobs in the next five years.

The new facility will also be Tritium’s sole D.C.

fast charging unit manufacturer in the U.S. plans to begin production later this year. The company anticipates annual production will be around 10,000 stations per year.

With the expansion of the E.V charging market, Tritium is now one of the leading E.V. charging station manufacturers in the USA.

The company’s chargers are installed in over 50,000 locations worldwide.

Charging is possible through 110V or 220V outlets on the company’s chargers.

Regardless of the location, Tritium’s fast chargers allow drivers to charge electric vehicles quickly, enabling them to travel across the country and even drive within major cities without worrying about finding a charger.

The company’s recent expansion has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include a state-of-the-art facility in Lebanon, Tennessee.

This expansion will nearly double the company’s existing workforce.

While Tritium doesn’t allow us to take photos of its charging units, we can tell that its cooling system is key to its efficiency.

Chargers generate high heat loads during the charging process, and their cooling system makes it easier for them to work efficiently.

The system circulates ethylene glycol through cooling plates connected to a manifold at the charger’s base.

Verdek Green Technologies


If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle charging station, you should read the Verdek Inc. company profile to learn more about its services and expertise.

Founded in 2008 by Guy Mannino, the company promotes alternative transportation infrastructure.

Their products include E.V charging stations, CNG compressors, LNG mini-plants, and biogas processing equipment.

In addition to charging stations, Verdek also provides turnkey solutions, including state-of-the-art ChargePoint charging stations.

Verdek has a long-standing history with E.V. charging infrastructures, installing thousands of stations around the country.

Another top 10 E.V charging station manufacturer is Webasto, its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles through reliable charging networks, affordable charging equipment, and customized hardware and software.

The company sells its charging points for $794 and offers excellent customer service.

It’s a global company with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

For example, Pacific Gas and Electric, which owns the Californian Electric Company, is installing thousands of fast chargers across the state.

Another top 10 E.V. charging station manufacturer in the USA, Verdek’s products have many benefits for businesses and consumers.

They feature several innovative technologies that make installing an E.V charging station as simple and efficient as possible.


B.P. Pulse Logo

B.P. Pulse

B.P. isn’t the only company looking to enter the E.V. charging station business. They recently partnered with Porsche to help develop their own E.V. charger. B.P.

Maybe more interested in promoting E.V. charging than oil, although some think the societal transition to electric vehicles will hurt oil. Despite that, B.P.

claims to be the biggest provider of charging points in the U.K and recently acquired the charger manufacturer ChargeMaster for PS130 million.

The firm has invested a further PS25 million in fast charging technologies.

Another large company is B.P., which has been in the E.V charging business for a decade.

The company recently bought Chargemaster, the biggest E.V charging station manufacturer in the United Kingdom. It also builds E.V charging infrastructure in China via a joint venture with Didi Chuxing.

Another major oil company, Shell, is also involved in E.V charging and has pledged to invest $200 million in the industry annually.

BP has been a leader in E.V. charging for over a decade, offering residential and business solutions ranging from three to 20 amps. B.P.

It also offers fleet charging subscriptions and provides a central fleet management account. They also offer home charging solutions and qualify for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. It’s easy to see why B.P. pulse is the top E.V.

charging station manufacturer in the USA.

EV Charging logo


ChargePoint is a leading electric vehicle infrastructure company. It operates an extensive online network of independently owned E.V Charging stations.

Its portfolio includes a variety of hardware, software, and driver services. It has a strong distribution network in the U.S.

It is also working on expanding into new markets, including Asia.

But there are many factors to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle charging station, including its quality and price.

A comprehensive network of E.V charging stations spread out across the U.S.

They are well-lit and attract E.V drivers, as well as non-EV drivers. However, their price range is on the higher side.

EVgo’s stations offer CCS and CHAdeMO standards, along with Tesla connectors.

However, testing by umlaut has shown that charging is not always successful on the first try.

ChargePoint’s CT4000 series is the USA’s most popular commercial electric vehicle charging station.

They offer advanced features like cord management, interactive video screens, multiple pricing schemes for different types of drivers, and a waitlist.

EVConnect also supports nationwide and boasts more than 400 satisfied clients in 36 states.

The company’s dedicated customer service and industry-leading support will make any E.V. charging project a success.

National Car Charging

As a leading E.V. charger manufacturer, National Car Charging makes the transition to electric vehicles a seamless process.

With the help of their planning expertise and hardware, dozens of E.V. charging stations are now operating across the country.

National Car Charging’s charging station hardware and software make the process easy and convenient.

With a full range of accessories, National Car Charging offers a variety of options and is committed to making the entire process as seamless as possible.

There are about two million E.V.s on the road in the U.S., a six-fold increase from last year.

However, this number represents a tiny slice of the 280 million vehicles on the road.

Consumers have not yet fully embraced E.V.s, and some of the main reasons include the upfront cost, battery range, and the availability of charging stations. In addition, E.Vs need a reliable power grid, so they must be charged at convenient locations.

The E.V. charging station market is a booming industry. According to a recent report by Research and Markets, the industry will reach a market size of $30 billion by 2023. E.V charging station manufacturers are battling for market share with big companies like Tesla and ChargePoint.


Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The growth of the E.V. market has led to many companies becoming one of the top 10 E.V charging station manufacturers in the USA.

How Much Do EV Charging Stations Cost?

The cost of an electric vehicle charger can vary based on the type of charger, installation costs, and other factors. Level 2 chargers are typically the most expensive, followed by Level 1 chargers. DC fast chargers are usually the most expensive option but can also be the most convenient.

electric vehicle charging solutions
The two main types of such solutions use either inductive or conductive charging.

Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two coils. This system is typically used for smaller devices, such as cell phones and laptops.

Conductive charging, on the other hand, involves directly transferring electrical current between two metal surfaces.

This latter system is often used for larger devices, such as electric vehicles.

The best electric vehicle chargers depend on several factors, including the user’s specific needs, the type of electric vehicle being charged, and the environment in which the charging will take place. In general, however, the best solution can provide a rapid and seamless charging experience for the user.

electric vehicle ecosystem

what are some hardware and software EV charging solutions?

Some popular hardware and software solutions for the electric vehicle market or charging stations include the following:

Chargepoint - American electric vehicle infrastructure company



ChargePoint is one of the leading EV charging equipment and software manufacturers. Their products are used by major corporations, municipalities, and utilities worldwide.
Blink Network: Blink Network provides EV charging equipment and services to residential and commercial customers. They offer a variety of options for both Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.

GE WattStation

GE WattStation:

GE WattStation is another leading provider of EV charging equipment. Their products are available in both home and public versions.

Smart EV Charging Stations



SemaConnect is a manufacturer of EV charging equipment that offers both Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.


EV-Box is a leading provider of EV charging equipment and software, with products used by major corporations and utilities worldwide.


Chargemaster is a leading EV charging equipment manufacturer, with products available in both home and public versions.

Pod Point Charging your Electric Vehicle

Pod Point:

Pod Point is a UK-based EV charging equipment manufacturer, with products available in both home and public versions.

Ecotricity - Britain’s greenest energy company


Ecotricity is a UK-based renewable energy company that offers EV charging equipment and services. Their products are available in both home and public versions. Recently sold the EV charging network to Gridserve.