Our mission is to be the best source for all information on Electric Vehicles, home energy storage products, and solar power options. We think this is an important aspect in the fight on climate change and global peace and stability.

Our goal is to get this site populated with all the important information over the next year and also launch a podcast. Any industry professionals in or visiting Scottsdale, Arizona are invited to be on our podcast. We also have the ability to record remotely so please contact us if you have an interesting story to tell about EVs.

Scottsdale Studio
Additionally it is important that this site is accurate. If you find anything posted that is factually untrue or lacks clarity please contact us so we can fix it.  Much of the content has been produced by ghost writers and while we try to edit everything, the topics covered on this site can be very technical and mistakes happen.

If you are a journalist looking for exposure and you specialize in the EV industry please contact us. We are always looking for great guest columnists.

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